I adjective
1) (right and fair: not favouring one more than another: a fair and just decision.) rettferdig, riktig
2) (reasonable; based on one's rights: He certainly has a just claim to the money.) rimelig, berettiget
3) (deserved: He got his just reward when he crashed the stolen car and broke his leg.) fortjent
- justness II adverb
1) ((often with as) exactly or precisely: This penknife is just what I needed; He was behaving just as if nothing had happened; The house was just as I'd remembered it.) akkurat, nettopp
2) ((with as) quite: This dress is just as nice as that one.) like (...) som
3) (very lately or recently: He has just gone out of the house.) nettopp, akkurat
4) (on the point of; in the process of: She is just coming through the door.) i ferd med
5) (at the particular moment: The telephone rang just as I was leaving.) nettopp da
6) ((often with only) barely: We have only just enough milk to last till Friday; I just managed to escape; You came just in time.) bare nok, bare så vidt
7) (only; merely: They waited for six hours just to get a glimpse of the Queen; `Where are you going?' `Just to the post office'; Could you wait just a minute?) bare (for å)
8) (used for emphasis, eg with commands: Just look at that mess!; That just isn't true!; I just don't know what to do.) (se) bare!; Det er bare ikke sant!
9) (absolutely: The weather is just marvellous.) absolutt
- just now
- just then
subst. \/dʒʌst\/
sejoust, 1
verb \/dʒʌst\/
sejoust, 2
adj. \/dʒʌst\/
1) rettferdig, rett, riktig, upartisk
a just decision
en rettferdig avgjørelse
2) (om person) rettskaffen
he's a just man
han er en rettskaffen mann
3) velfortjent
just reward
velfortjent belønning
4) skjellig, rimelig
the payment is just
betalingen er skjellig
5) berettiget, velbegrunnet, veloverveid
just suspicions
velbegrunnede mistanker
6) (gammeldags eller bibelsk, om person) rettferdig, uklanderlig
7) (gammeldags) nøyaktig, eksakt, presis
be just to(wards) someone være rettferdig mot noen
sleep the sleep of the just sove den rettferdiges søvn
adv. \/dʒʌst\/, \/dʒəst\/
1) nøyaktig, akkurat, aldeles
this is just what I wanted
dette er akkurat det jeg ville ha
2) nylig, nettopp
they have just left
de reiste nettopp
3) med en gang, straks, med det samme
I'm just coming
jeg kommer med en gang
it's just on six
den er straks seks
4) med nød og neppe, knapt
I just managed to save enough money
jeg lyktes med nød og neppe i å spare nok penger
5) bare, kun
just a moment!
she is just a child
I just looked at him
6) (hverdagslig) fullstendig, aldeles, faktisk, ganske enkelt, simpelthen
he's just crazy
han er aldeles gal
isn't it just splendid?
er det ikke ganske enkelt fantastisk?
7) (hverdagslig, forsterkende) min sann, virkelig, jammen
that's just fine!
det er virkelig flott!
did she laugh? Didn't she just!
lo hun? ja, det kan du skrive opp at hun gjorde!
8) (hverdagslig, i spørsmål) egentlig
just who owns this place?
hvem eier egentlig dette stedet?
just about omtrent, sånn cirka med nød og neppe, nesten, såvidt
just as well like gjerne, like bra
just enough seenough
just now akkurat nå, for øyeblikket nylig, for et øyeblikk siden
be just possible være mulig (men lite trolig)
just so (som svar, formelt) jeg er så enig i fullkommen orden, gjort\/plassert aldeles riktig, perfekt
be just the person for something være den rette (person) for noe
he is just the man for the post
han er den rette mannen til stillingen
just the same likevel
we don't like that kind of music but we'll go just the same
vi liker ikke slik musikk, men vi skal gå likevel

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